January 2nd, 2011


Yay it's 2011!

Not 2010!

My New Year can be best described as very relaxing. It combined some of my favourite people and some of my favourite things, and some contact juggling. It also involved revealing some of my innermost thoughts and having people not freak out because of them.

If that's how this year's going to go, that's all right. I did miss Dr Wheel like a pain though.

Weirdly I can't see much past February - I have plans for things up until then but the rest is a blur. One thing that's quite exciting is that tieke and happyinmotion will be moving into their new house very soon. This is the house that's become a community project for so many people over the last few years, and we're all just a bit invested in seeing it done. To this end, pombagira and I will be slinging mud at the floor/walls today (to make it look better, naturally). And probably tomorrow too. And then on Tuesday I'll get my back done and there will be groaning, then a week of work and then HONG KONG!

This year is exciting and mysterious...