December 29th, 2010


Things I learned last night

I probably shouldn't join the army.

"Well duh, Tats" I hear you say. Yes, I know, I'd spend the rest of my life scrubbing out dunnies with toothbrushes after pulling attitude on someone who I didn't think deserved my respect, and that'd be no fun.

BUT! There's another reason, one which I discovered last night while I was being tattooed.

Collapse )

I have a week to heal from this and shear a mob of sheep, and then scarification time. I'm still not sure if I'll get it all done in one go or not. Last night's experience suggests I'll probably be able to tolerate the pain, but I'll go with recommendations from the experts (who are all a bunch of geeks btw - should've seen Scott and Antoine talking body mods like some people talk Linux).

* factoids, don'tcha love 'em? And, I was right, he is French. Also, extremely professional. I'm running around the tattoo shop topless and he's making easy conversation and meeting my eyes. Nice.

Step one - check.