December 28th, 2010


We need a sheep protection league

Tonight I'm getting tattooed. This is the first step in a process that will take months to complete. This morning I took photos of my back for posterity. Today is the grey line, and the scarification begins on the 4th.

I was impressed with the tattooist, who I didn't know but who came recommended - his first comment on seeing the design was that he wanted the scarification artist to be there when he applied the stencil because "This design, it is flat. You are not flat." (I think he's French). He wants Scott to be there so they can figure out what alterations to make for the shape of my body.

I think they'll be surprised to find my spine isn't as lumpy as it looks like it might be. Yes, I know I look skinny...

So anyway, yeah. This whole thing is supposed to be the marking of a transformation, and since it's a very physical kind of process I suspect there'll be an emotional aspect involved as well. The weird half-not-time between Christmas and New Year seems the perfect time for it - it's like an extended twilight when the old year's over but the new one hasn't started yet, and if any time's right for transformative rituals, this is perfect. See you on the other side.

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And that woman's dog? Needs to learn to cast wider - it's cutting in and panicking the sheep before it completes its head. Fuck, even doddery old First with half-remembered side whistles and me with my inexpert training could do better than that.

Mostly I just want them to leave the sheep alone.