December 24th, 2010


In which holidays get in the way of my plans..

Why am I awake at 7:30am?

Especially given that I was awake till 1:30am thinking about work. WTF? I never think about work outside of work. Except now it seems I do. *mutter* This is because when I go back to work I have more work than it's humanly possible to do, all urgent priority, and it must be completed before I leave for Hong Kong thanks to *govt agency* changing the rules on us after I'd already bought my tickets.

It would be nice to have a minion at this point, but Minion Potential Guy finished on Wednesday after deciding to become a full time father.

Still, this should not be keeping me awake at night in my holidays. It'll either get done or it won't and the world will carry on. Right?

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We've been watching Supernatural season 2. Because we're that up with the times.

Anyway, I am going into town this afternoon. I FEAR. I plan to go to Fidels at the usual time because I'm a creature of habit. So if you happen to be in town, drop by and say hi.

PS today I am wearing a corset.