December 21st, 2010


The plot thickens

Last night and this morning, the pompholyx flared up again. I've been fish oiling and I am not expecting a result from that for a few weeks yet, but it had been settling down. And it occurred to me that it seems to get itchy whenever I handle the wool - I spent most of this weekend spinning and have been working furiously on Sooper Sekret Project #tiekeandhappy*, and presto! Itchy. ;-/ So this morning I emailed the people I get my wool from and asked them what detergent they use for their scouring. They are awesome and emailed me straight back and said they use budget dishwash from Countdown.

Now, given that Sunlight dishwash does it, and Palmolive dishwash does it, it seems not illogical to assume that budget dishwash also does it, and it's entirely possible there's a bit of residue left in the wool because wool is very hard to fully rinse. And my fondling, pulling, prodding and fiddling intensely with it could be sparking this reaction.


However, gloves aren't really an option so I'm exploring the idea of barrier cream. For those who've used barrier cream, a couple of questions: will it create and maintain a barrier even if I'm handling wool with all its dry friction for periods of hours? And, will it get on the wool and make it sticky/icky?

Please say no.

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Gosh, who knew listening to a catchy tune could spark a rant? Oh wait, I'm Tats. Rants Aplenty, at your service.

* Yes guys, it's for you. It's your housewarming gift. And it's hard to work on it anywhere except home because it will be a surprise, damnit! Also, you might not be allowed to have your housewarming till 2015 mmk?