December 13th, 2010


Stomach sleepers make better lovers!

The last few mornings I've woken up on my stomach. Not in the standard stomach position with arms over the head creating a pillow, but more like this:

Except I've been lying on my hands. So when I wake up, I have hand prints on my stomach. Looking around for a picture, I discovered that it's generally accepted that sleeping on your stomach is not a good thing, especially for your back - but how on earth do you change the position you sleep in?

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Meanwhile, this weekend was made up of a cheesy movie marathon: The Craft, Heavenly Creatures, Labyrinth, The Navigator*, Avatar, Clueless while unpicking half the work I'd done on Sooper Sekret Project #dunno because I realised I was making it hard for myself. Now it should go twice as fast. Then I weeded Mum's garden (someone please come buy our house) and shore three sheep. And chatted with Dr Wheel. And fell asleep (not on my stomach).

* Supposedly a really bad movie, but I enjoyed it even though I was confused by the ending. They did all that then got the plague anyway? How did Connor get the cross when he split from the others before they forged it? Anyway, the cinematography was cool.

And I just realised that next Wednesday is when my Christmas break starts. Gosh.

Oh, and I'm having a consultation for my scarification this afternoon. Those of you who would deem this to be cultural appropriation can kiss my arse. The only culture I'm appropriating with this is transhumanism. Fuck off.