December 10th, 2010



The other day I went looking to find more info about possible triggers for pompholyx*. Among the things I found was a reference to some perfumes because they often contain weird ingredients. Unfortunately for my fingers, I then got distracted looking up weird ingredients in perfume. Perhaps one of the weirdest is Hyraceum, known to the beautifully literal** South Africans as "Dassiepis". That article up there is really interesting, by the way, and probably especially for you, pombagira.

So anyway, since I learned this, I've been noticing a lot of ads for perfume and cologne on those pavement billboard things, you know the ones - soft focus, semi naked girl or guy staring into the camera in a sultry way, epitomising whatever scent they are selling...

.. and I am resisting an increasing urge to get a felt and write "May contain traces of rock hyrax poo" on them. Because I'm 12.

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I have left my cellphone at home today. If you need to get in touch, please email. Also, only three sheep to shear this weekend! Whatever shall I do with myself? Suggestions welcome..

* I have been doing the fish oil thing and also trying to destress, and *touchwood* I haven't had an itchy outbreak for 24 hours. Looking into my skin I can't see any newly-formed vesicles. Yay!

** They also call cigarette butts "Stompies". ;-)