December 9th, 2010


Some days being a libertarian is kind of tempting

OK, so I've spent the last couple of days getting up to speed on the WikiLeaks thing. It was helped along by Assange's arrest bringing a whole new angle to the story. And if I have one thing to say, it's this:

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Something that's really making me go *grr* this morning, much closer to home, is this: NZ's Parliament passed a bill last night that removes prisoners' right to vote. Yep, that's right folks, if you get convicted of a crime that carries a jail term, you're not a citizen any more. This means those thousand people per month who the Deputy Police Commissioner was bragging about incarcerating on cannabis offences earlier this year are not citizens any more. You get no say in the leadership of the state that incarcerates you. Awesome. I have three questions:

1. What is this supposed to achieve and how is it supposed to benefit anyone and in what way?
2. Of the reasons we have prisons, which of them does this one serve?
3. How many of the people currently incarcerated do you think were likely to vote for the current government, given the likely demographics involved?

Fucking fucking fuck. What the fuck kind of goverment is this and where exactly are they trying to take our country?