December 8th, 2010


Cranky Tats is cranky. You would be too.

Dear WoW people, how is the Cataclysm expansion working out for you?

The Kid moved his main off Proudmoore before yesterday and has so far reported no problems with server crashes or anything. Since his exams are over and he's on holiday, and he's earned himself some kudos (and money) helping with the shearing, I basically said to him "I still expect you to take care of yourself, keep your room from getting stinky and do your expected chores. Other than that, I'll see you when you get over it." I expect our house to be quite peaceful for the next little bit.

Also, please to be remembering that overpopulation of Worgens will lead to other races being superpopular in the future - I suggest levelling something else as well just saying, particularly something with traits you can't get in a Worgen.

Meanwhile, I'll be over here playing something that doesn't have a subscription fee or turn into a vocation. And has PG-rated cut-scenes designed to tease without satisfying. DAMN YOU DRAGONAGE!


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Will, I don't need another lecture on why businesses shouldn't use IE. I'm already aware of all the arguments, as are all the other people who work in organisations that force their employees to use it. Cheers.

Today, I'm feeling a touch of gruntle. I know exactly why that is and there's nothing I can do about it, so I'm releasing my frustration by being acerbic. Sue me.