December 7th, 2010


In which I explain why Peter F Hamilton will never get into my pants

At the moment I'm reading Misspent Youth by Peter F Hamilton. Lately I've been enjoying dipping into scifi as a genre I didn't really look at earlier in life. What I'm discovering is that I quite like far-future, culturally-deep, world-building epic scifi. Not that I'm fussy or anything...

I enjoyed The Algebraist and would like to read more by Banks. I've read two Vinge novels, A Fire Upon The Deep and Rainbow's End. I enjoyed The Jennifer Morgue. Of those, The Algebraist and A Fire Upon The Deep would be the two that stood out as 'hey this is different and cool and I want more' type stories. They're high fantasy on an epic scale, set in very well created alien universes with fascinating tech and well-written cultural anthropology. Rainbow's End, on the other hand, is near-future scifi set on earth, with humans as the main characters. It had cool tech but lacking aliens and galaxies and outer-universe exploration, the cultural anthropology focused around 'what if we had this tech' in relation to human drama, and the story itself read very much like a spy/suspense novel.

I picked up Misspent Youth because it supposedly explores the possibilities of rejuvanating tech which allows an old person to become young again at a cellular level, and how that might affect the life of the first person to receive this rejuvenation. Sounds interesting right?

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And I know there's something to do with Amazon and WikiLeaks too - but I have a confession here. I haven't been following the WikiLeaks thing at all and I don't really know much about it. I gather that some info was leaked that has people up in arms and that once again governments are trying to shut it down, saying that leaking info like this could cause 'diplomatic incidents' that might get people killed.

Hey goverments, in case you hadn't noticed, people are already getting killed, and I don't see how keeping dirty secrets is going to make that number less instead of more.

Anyway, if someone would like to summarise or link for me so I can catch up on the WikiLeaks thing quickly, and find out what Amazon has to do with it, that'd be awesome. Thanks!