December 6th, 2010


Then we will shear in the shade!

OK this is just getting weird. It's been a month since we had any proper rain. As a townie I'm not complaining, as a shearer I'm not complaining, but as an ex-farmer I'm finding it increasingly uncomfortable to experience day after day of hot, dry conditions.

Someone told me it got up to 24 degrees on Saturday. I know all the tar was melted on the road, but I couldn't really tell what the external ambient temperature was since I was just hot and would still have been hot even if it was 16 degrees.

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Yesterday I wrote my essay. 500 words on tikanga Maori concepts within powhiri, and their link to the oral tradition, using karanga and kai as examples. It looks very simplistic and is more descriptive than analytic because 500 words? WTF? But it's done. I feel a bit flaily because I have no idea what the expectations are in this course - it's not policy or anything I'm familiar with. So we shall see.

I also managed to get some work done on Sooper Sekret Project #ican'tremember. It's slow going, but will be awesome.

And today I managed to dress myself in the jacket I wore for slapping mud on tieke and happyinmotion's walls. There were two, on the floor, both black. I'm sure my boss would understand.

Speaking of which, I did some research and it seems Hong Kong has a qualifications framework similar to New Zealand's, but it's newer. This means my skills are probably highly relevant over there. I feel more confident now and this week I'll be sending my CV to some cherry-picked organisations.

And then I'll probably freak out some.

It was my 2 year anniversary with Dr Wheel yesterday. Gosh.