December 3rd, 2010


Homeless, it's the new black

This is scary. Apparently the US Congress has allowed extended jobless benefits for people laid off from work to expire, which from what I gather means that as of next week, seven and a half million people who've been unemployed for more than 6 months will have no source of income. None.

I wonder what people do to survive when they have no job and no other source of income.

To make matters a bit scarier, a similar thing is being proposed here. Apparently 178,000 people have been on a benefit for more than seven years. Annoying Devil's Advocate Tats wants to know how many of those people are single parents on the DPB, and exactly how those people are supposed to get off the benefit while child care costs more than wages will cover for the kind of jobs that single parents are likely to be able to get straight off a benefit.

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Meanwhile, John Key please shut the fuck up. Yes, you were a fatherless child. That's about all you have in common with the children of those dead miners, or the children of the still-alive miners who worked at the now-defunct Pike River Mine. And don't you ever forget that you got your education for free. "Bootstraps", you say? "You too can be like me" you say? Okay, lets see those straps those kids are supposed to pull themselves up by. Because from what I see, they all got cut before these children were even born (but of course, after you benefited from them).


[edit] Just so this isn't all me ranting, I'd like to mention that yesterday my car passed its warrant of fitness first try. Why is this momentous? Because at age 40, for the first time in my life I have been able to afford to buy a vehicle that doesn't cost me extra money every time I take it for its warrant. That's a milestone for me.