November 29th, 2010


In which I ramble a lot about wool

I woke up this morning to vapour in the atmosphere telling me the beautiful run of weather is nearly over, and the news that there's been another explosion at Pike River Mine, and that the mine is now on fire. That makes four explosions, with the latest being the biggest so far. They are hoping that the fire is just in loose coal dislodged by the previous explosions, in which case sealing the mine will starve it of oxygen and eventually put it out. If the fire is in the Brunner seam (which is huge) it could burn for years, with or without oxygen. In Strongman 2, another West Coast mine, an underground fire burned for eight years before Solid Energy was able to put it out.

This does not bode well for the recovery of the bodies of the 29 dead miners. It's just been blow after blow for their families and everyone else following this, and now there's a very good chance that those men will never come out of that mine. There's a bit of my mind that thinks this is somehow apt, even though it's also horrible.

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The parcels have started arriving! It's exciting, even though none of them are for me.

So yes, I had an accomplished weekend. And the weather was absolutely stunning. Even the cat went outside. ZOMG.