November 24th, 2010


Who are you and what did you do with Tats?

Yesterday I shore a sheep that had only one ear (before I shore it, not just after O.o). Apparently she had been worried by a dog and when they found her she was nearly dead, so her new owners took her on and paid *insert large dollar amount here* to have her properly fixed up by a vet. Her ear is completely gone and the vet stitched skin over the hole so that it wouldn't get stuff in it. It healed without a scar so it's just smooth wool where the ear should be.

WEIRD. (kind of wishing I'd taken a photo)

Also, she had various lumpy bits where internal damage had healed with scarring - but she's a healthy, happy four-tooth, no thanks to someone who didn't supervise their dog. *mutters*

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Also, I know Hong Kong is a really long way from the Koreas, but North Korea is an ally of China and Hong Kong is part of China and I'm a damned worrywort. Someone please reassure me that this is silly. Also, Dear Koreas, please don't fight. Your people don't have the option of leaving and they should not have to die because of stuff that has nothing to do with them. Kthxbye.