November 23rd, 2010


What do they mean by 'pat'?

This whole 'pat-down' thing - what they are doing is outside my concept of patting. I pat my dog. This sort of thing seems to fit more within the concept of a rub-down. Or a grope-down. I have yet to read any accounts of someone actually being patted.

Terminology. Meh.

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Last night I did some more work on Weaving Project No 1, which has about another two hours to go before it's done. Also, the wool for Mystery Project No 3 arrived yesterday and I had to resist scrapping the weaving project in favour of spinning up all the wool at once. Because I'm 12.

And tomorrow is Harry Potter! *is excited like a 12 year old* (although, 12 year old me should not be allowed anywhere near Daniel Radcliffe, just saying).