November 22nd, 2010


Moar sheep

After a whole lot of to-ing and fro-ing in which the weather report kept changing and my client kept switching days, Saturday dawned threateny but not-actually-raining. So I dragged myself out after rivet and rikan_feral's housewarming and went to tackle the Woodburn Drive Run.

This is a particular corner of Wellington that contains one very onto-it lady who, instead of calling me out to shear her four sheep, organises everyone on the road to have their sheep in on the same day, meaning the total was 33 sheep over 7 farms, and I just go from farm to farm till they're all done.

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Yesterday I was kind of sore and needed some gentle stretching, so Polly and I went and played in the mud at tieke and happyinmotion's house. It had the colour and consistency of poo, but I'm told it'll give the limewashed walls a lovely golden undertone. Also, playing with mud is fun. You should do it this weekend. *nods*

Wot I did on my weekend by Tats. IR tired. I have one client booked sometime this week and another on the weekend with the polwarths. I consider these to be my anniversary sheep, because they're the ones I shore before I went on my first date with Dr Wheel. I told their owner I was going on a date and she was all "OOooo" and the next year when I went back she remembered and asked me how my date went, which was kind of neat. So yeah, anniversary sheep. ;-)