November 19th, 2010


New-age life coach presents - the Science of Sheep!

Last time I posted about shearing, people told me they wished I would post photos.

It just so happens that last night I did some shearing (cos it rained on the weekend and I wanted to catch up because I will have them all done by Christmas damnit!), twelve ewes and lambs of the same variety (moorits) as the ones I posted about last time.

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This week's study has been about Maori mythology and how it feeds into the oral tradition. Next up - how this relates to the protocols and customs around powhiri. I'm finding some of it a little confronting because some of the values are quite alien to me, and in some cases in direct opposition to what I believe is 'right'. But I'm here to learn and so I'll keep reading and absorbing and even if I don't necessarily hold a particular value personally, this does not preclude me from understanding and acknowledging its significance within Maori, and thus New Zealand, culture.


Fidels + housewarming = yay Friday! And the weather forecast says rain this weekend so I'll probably be shearing after work one or two days next week. Ah well.