November 18th, 2010


The science of fibre!

Last night I finished spinning and plied the wool for Crafty Weaving Project (art bit) Mark 1. I also bought googly eyes, because googly eyes are what every knitting bag needs, right?

This morning, I went searching for communities of other folks who are into spinning/knitting/weaving. LJ is usually my first port of call but it's a bit sparse here (although I did find crafty_witches which may interest someone I know - sadly it seems to be mostly jewellery there). There's a handspinners community but a large percentage of the communities only exist for people to sell their already-spun wool, which isn't really what I'm after. Clearly my net-fu is having an off day. But! I know several of you who read this are also crafty fibre types, so I'm looking for recommendations - where can I go and hang out with other people who do this stuff and learn/get inspired/vent my frustrations without boring the pants off my friends?

I did, however, find Internet Weirdness.

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I just spent $160 on textbooks. My excuse is that one of them (the most expensive one) is a dictionary. I haven't bought a dictionary since my first attempt at university back in 1988. That was a Cambridge one and (sorry Happy) even back then it was kind of crap. Now I have an Oxford one, specifically New Zealand English. And for those who are interested, yes it contains Maori words - that's why it was recommended by the Maori Studies Department. It allows me to know which Maori words are considered part of New Zealand English and which aren't, and thus know which to italicise in my essays. And if that's not vindication, I don't know what is. *is idly wondering if hoha is in there*