November 17th, 2010


The science of travel!

Last night I dreamed I was lost in South Africa, having been sent to the dump with a trailer load of stuff and taken a wrong turn on the way back. Of course, since I was in South Africa my cellphone didn't work, my eftpos didn't work, and because I was on an errand, I hadn't carried any phone numbers or cash with me. I ended up getting deported and being unable to tell anyone where I'd got to.

Weirdly, this morphed into a dream in which I was having exhibitionist sex in the street and my ex walked up to me and started talking about work visas. To which I was all "Um, not a good time.." And then the neighbour's (furrealz) dog started barking, cueing pombagira and me both doing our best farmer growls out the window because it was 4am. Timing, dog.

Anyway, it seems I have some background travel anxiety. It's been four years since I travelled by myself and since this time my travel's not a booking-through, there are a few extra hitches I'll have to deal with. But I'm a big girl, right?

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Last night I knitted lots of little sheep legs for the art that will go on the bag I'm making. Now I'm spinning some white wool for the body. With any luck, it'll be finished within a week and there will be photos!

Meanwhile, The Kid's English exam is today. He has to analyse the movie What's Eating Gilbert Grape? Lucky him!