November 12th, 2010


In which I enquire as to your pr0n surfing habits

Last night we did cooking. Big woop, I hear you say. But 'we' meant 'all of us' and 'cooking' meant 'going to a cooking class'. It was kind of a do things as a family deal, and I admit my enthusiasm was lukewarm because cooking = not really my thing.

However, this was fun. We made tangy tamarind chicken with fried rice and it was good, and because I made it myself it didn't have coriander in it *rants about coriander*. I also like wok cooking more than boil-in-five-different-pots cooking, and I liked the setup where your bench was in the middle and a couple of gas hobs at each end. Made things much easier than having the whole lot in one place.

So yeah, that was kind of cool. I'd definitely do it again. Also, I learned stuff about rice and woks and how to stop stuff sticking to them.

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Tell me all your teenage secret web stuff, oh flist!

Tonight I'll be at Fidels briefly, but may go home a bit early because I want to do some mixing.


feel free to wave your hands in the air like you just don't care


Also, incredibly cheesy.

Backstory: Wellington guy and a couple of film industry friends makes a Love Letter To Wellington video:

*cough* I like how hard he's trying not to laugh at the end.