November 9th, 2010


Whip Mah Hairz!

Apparently our government is failing women. I don't find this particularly surprising to be honest, given the way their policies are slanted towards the idea that everyone starts in the same place and the playing field is level. These policies nearly always lead to greater inequality, and The Smarmy Git and his cronies are not immune to this. Well actually, they are, because they're all rich white men. It's the rest of us who aren't immune to it. *cough*

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I have been obsessively refreshing the university website. I WANT MAH MARKS! I'd also like to hear from them about my next course, which apparently starts next week. I've never done a distance learning course so I don't know what to expect, and I've heard nothing.

I know I'm enrolled but there's been no contact to tell me course requirements, readings, or when and how lectures will happen (I'm told they sometimes do them through online chat type apps) - never mind what day the whole thing gets going. The website says 'TBA' - I really wish they'd get to announcing sometime soon.

Anxious Tats is anxious.

Also, it seems next summer I get to choose between Climate Science and Creative Prose for my last filler course. Vic seems to have reduced the summer courses to mainly Education ones, and my choices are limited. Neither of the above really floats my boat, but unless I want my degree to blow out to 2013 and risk having the End Of The World As We Know It prevent me from ever graduating, I have to pick one.

Choose for me, oh internets! I'm good at and more interested in creative writing, but climate science is actually useful. *wibbles*