November 8th, 2010


IR most productive when I slack off

True to form, the local sheep mini-farmers all looked out their windows on the same day and realised their sheep needed shearing. And called me, all in one go. I'm now booked up for the next three weekends. Of course the weather's going to be fine!

Meanwhile, it turns out January's the coldest month in Hong Kong and the average daytime temperature is 16.1 degrees. Given that the average temperature in Wellington in January is 20 degrees, I think I'll cope.

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Some of you might remember that years ago I posited a theory that people tend to get restless around the equinoxes, especially the spring one, leading to making sweeping changes in their lives mostly at that time? And at the time, I attempted to gather data to support this theory, and couldn't - partly because I didn't know what I was doing and partly because I don't know enough people to get a representative sample.

Enter Facebook. This link does not lead to a FB page, for the allergic. It's just a blog post from some random. But it seems to support my theory.


Also, I got to chat to Dr Wheel in almost-person. I took a screenshot because, well, you know.. *scuffs shoe*. No you can't see it. Anyway, if I do this every time we chat, eventually, I'll have an almost-live movie. Or something. I am not a creepy stalker, honest!

*bats eyelashes*