November 2nd, 2010

going native

In which I engage in some capitalist chest-beating

I appear to have broken out in a rash of bruises. Really, there should be a website, because some of these ones are pretty artistic, especially the ones from whacking myself with the wheelbarrow legs while shaking it out on Sunday. Why is it that bruises to the fatty bits that don't really hurt always come up beautifully, but the really painful ones like the ones on ankles and knees don't really have much colour? Enquiring minds want to know. And garner sympathy. Naturally.

Anyway, I've been reading this book. It apparently started life as a zine and ended up getting published because it was so popular. At least, that's what the blurb in the front says. It's about two girls who are vaguely anarchists, wandering around Europe and 'living off the map.'

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Anyway, I will finish the book - it's serving a purpose in that it's helping me shift my mind from being security-oriented to adventure-oriented in preparation for chasing off around the globe for the sake of love. And it might surprise me at the end with a comprehensive, watertight plan for a new system and how it can be implemented.

I'll let you know.

Meanwhile, on yesterday's goal list, I sorted some photos into a semblance of order for this family history book thing I'm trying to make, and discovered a postcard from 1908 commemorating the demise of the York horse trams. That would have been a sad day for my blacksmith grandfather. Today, I'm gonna plagiarise some performance review stuff for my CV and plant some plants on a roof. I won't talk to the uni till after I get the result for the last course, since the lecturer I'd like to speak with is marking my essay right now. I've done three courses with her and at least 2 of them have got A+s, hopefully this one will too.

I predict that the Melbourne Cup will be won by a horse.