November 1st, 2010


I'm not very bright but I can lift heavy things

This weekend was Beltane in the southern hemisphere. Yes, yes, Hallowe'en - not really A Thing here, although I saw a couple of kids in costume and one awesome Mum/Kid pair in 2-foot tall purple witch hats. Nobody knocked on our door looking for goodies, which is a good thing because they would have got Granny Smith apples (being the only conveniently-packaged thing we had handy). I'm sure they would have appreciated the healthy alternative to lollies, right? But this is NZ and no kids turned up trick or treating, despite my home being in Deepest Suburbia.

Anyway, Beltane. It's a cross-quarter according to the wheel of the year that celebrates 8 sabbats. That is, it falls halfway between the equinox and the solstice. I have some trouble with cross-quarters because I'm a practical soul and if there's no astronomical thingy saying 'the wheel turns on this day' then I'm a bit *side-eye* on it. But anyway, it definitely feels more spring-turning-to-summery than just springy. It does! Ignore Friday and yesterday's temperature! But, you know, the tuis are scrapping (and the moreporks), shearing season's kicking off, and the azaleas are going all brown and yucky, so something is happening. So yeah, Beltane.

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I am setting myself goals this week, because I only have two weeks before study starts again and I want to use the time wisely.

1. Update and send CV to Hong Kong. Seriously, my resolve on this one is only getting stronger, although the picture of bamboo scaffolding in HK made me realise how different things are there and how much I'd have to learn should I make the move while staying within the building industry.

2. Spend time with new toy and make a mix. One of my mixes from this year popped up on my car stereo yesterday and you know, it's kinda good! It was a nice confidence boost because I doubt myself a lot when it comes to mixing.

3. Do the second cut sorting for two of the boxes of photographs/papers from Mum's. Get some albumy type things and start putting the 'keepers' into them. This will feel like actual progress instead of faffing.

Wish me luck!