October 27th, 2010



This morning I got an email from Abe Books, informing me that they are shipping free to Australia! To which I went "That's nice" *delete*. I have bought one book through Abe Books and I'm pretty sure I had it sent to New Zealand - at least, it got here so I'm assuming I got my own address right. But now, apparently they think I'm in Australia. Yes, Abe Books is a US-based company, why do you ask?

Burning Man did this to me once too. Weirdly, that was snail mail and it still got here even though it was addressed to me at my address, only in Australia. I guess the Aussie post service is used to that sort of thing.

*looks pointedly at american companies*


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Meanwhile, today I'll be made known to the Criminology department. I am both excited and afraid. Mostly excited, because only good things can come of them knowing who I am, right?

Also, I cut my nails for the second time. This time it's a bit more even. One day this will not be novelty enough for me to blog about. And today, I'm buying one of these. Because I can.