October 24th, 2010


It's that time of year again

This year, for the first time since about 2006, shearing season started on the day we organised it. Normally, me booking in sheep is a signal for everyone in the district to move to higher ground, but this time the best the weather gods could manage was a kind of grey stillness.

Charlene has moorits, which are a kind of chocolatey colour. She's also a bacteriologist who had to retire due to repetitive strain injury from holding flasks with tongs, and now applies her substantial brain to studying the genetics and nutrition of sheep. She has seven ewes and seven lambs, all beautifully grown and turned out and a credit to her lernins.

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So, shearing season is underway and it's still early enough so I'm enthusiastic about it instead of later, when I'll probably be all *gnng more shearing mutter mutter*. Here's hoping for a season with reliable-ish weather so I'm not shearing into March like last year!

Also, our porch smells like sheep poo. My boots are in there. This is the first time I've kept my boots on for shearing instead of using my mocs, because the pen was ankle deep in mud. And I had to trim their feet.

First thinks it smells awesome.