October 21st, 2010


In which I wank about music a bit

Hahaha being cranky and unreasonable and waving my Digital Bat around might actually have benefits! Mercury Energy got back to me within two hours and apologised again, having discovered that they had their 'mailing' of bills set to email them to my mother. They have fixed that now. They also suggested that I transfer the account to my name and included a list of things I'd have to do including giving details of the people living in my house and submitting to a credit check. To which I went "Um, no." The house is on the market and the power's only on so that we can charge the battery for the lawnmower till it sells. Also, don't wanna be a customer of theirs.

Oh, I read somewhere that the Swans are coming to New Zealand next March. I think there are people on here who might be interested in that. Me, not so much. Also, they look miserable in those pictures.

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Meanwhile, I think I'm getting better at essays. This time round, with a 1500 word cap, I only wrote 1850 for the first draft. I may have cheated by condensing about 500 words' worth into a table but hey, there's nothing in the rules says I can't do that. But yeah, cutting 350 words is heaps easier than cutting 1500 as I used to. I'm not sure if I'm writing better quality in the first draft or if I'm just getting lazy. I like to think the former...

PS Joel, can I have my prize now? x