October 20th, 2010


Hump day

Wow, I sure woke up with my crankypants on this morning. I decided to put my Unreasonable Hat on when dealing with Mercury Energy and it made me feel good.

Backstory: They failed to send bills for the three months since Mum died, but then they sent a threatening letter over unpaid bills. After 45 minutes on hold I told my story to the CS representative who then put me on hold again. I gave up and emailed them. This morning I got an email back saying they'd waived the overdue charges, saving me a total of $8, but that the bill needed to be paid immediately (the bills were attached to the email). They also claimed that they'd sent out the bills for the three months in question.

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Twitter seems to have sensed my mood and is hiding from me. Probably a good call on Twitter's part.

Entertain me, internet!