October 15th, 2010


I will break your balls with my nationality!

You know how the number plate people don't make number plates where the letter combination* could spell rude words? Like, you never see a plate that says "BUM101" for example. Well, it seems that number plate makers haven't kept up with the internet age. This morning The Kid and I witnessed FAP371 (a blue Mazda Demio) making its way along the Quays. Yes, there was immaturity. Because he's 15 and I'm 12.

* In New Zealand, the number plates have three letters followed by three numbers. Used to be two letters and four numbers (like my car) but when they got to ZZ in 2001 they had to come up with a new system. Prior to that it was two letters and three numbers - I remember my folks' old Datsun Bluebird (which was built prior to permanent plates being required) having BQ584.

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What Prof David Nutt thinks of NZ politicians' approach to suggestions from the EACD on drug reform.

Gosh, so late today. Got distracted by reading up on how Northern Hemisphere men think Kiwi women are unfeminine, loud, aggressive and mannish.

And I didn't rant about it. Yet. Again, you can thank me later.