October 14th, 2010


On the Care and Feeding of your Friend With A Car

I'm writing this as a spinoff from another post by a friend. It is a pointed post but it is not aimed at anyone in particular, ok?

This is Wellington. Wellington's a tiny city. People walk in Wellington and it's been set up so that not only is walking easier, it's also a hassle to bring a car into town, and if you live in town and have a car, it's expensive to find somewhere to keep it. I live in the suburbs with off-street parking, and usually use public transport to get to work. But I do own a car, because for me a car is independence. Many people in Wellington, however, choose not to own a car.

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In other news, I think the word 'misogyny' is overused, and that there is a place for 'chauvanism' to regain its rightful place in our language. It could be argued that the belief that men are superior to women stems from an innate hatred of women and thus the two terms are interchangeable - but frankly, I think some people are simply chauvanists rather than misogynists, and the overuse of the word misogyny is actually diluting its meaning for the times when hatred of women is an accurate description.