October 13th, 2010


On life as a half-kid, half-adult

After yesterday's discussion of the "It Gets Better" campaign, I went home and had a conversation with The Kid. Apparently his school has implemented a policy whereby if someone's late to class by more than 5 minutes, they get sent to the admin office and go on some register. And if the reason isn't considered good enough, they call the parents on the spot. So yesterday, The Kid's train was late and he had to do this. The queue to go and explain yourself to the admin staff was 25 minutes long!

Spot the unintended consequences of policy, right there.

Anyway, him relating this led to a discussion of the agency of teenagers. The process, for those who care, went like this:

Him: If they make school suck too much, people won't go. It's not as if they are getting paid, what's the incentive?
Me: Well, the law says you have to, and I'm responsible for making you. Thus, avoiding beatings is the incentive.
Him: I hate that I'm expected to act like an adult but I'm a child under the law. I have no rights.

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And from the 'some folks are just too flexible' file: