October 6th, 2010


Study moar or GTFO

Tutor's comment on my research poster about men's experience of violence as part of day-to-day life: "This would actually make a plausible real study - someone should do it!"

Which made me happy, because I was a bit *gnng* on the topic as you know - not because I don't believe in it, but because it's, as one of my friends said, 'tackling a sacred cow', and that can often lead to the kind of opposition and angst you don't need when all you're trying to do is pass the bloody course with a decent mark, while retaining your own interest.

Anyway, I'll tuck that topic aside as a potential if I ever need it. Or one of you folks are welcome to it as well, because I do think it's worth studying. Also, 37/40 for the pre-nuptial birth essay + 17/20 for this means that I've already passed the course, given that the last 2 assignments are worth 10% and 30% respectively. Yay!

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In other news, I realised that doing the business writing course this summer and scrapping Economics would reduce my degree by one course (read ~$800). So now I have options, I guess I'd better get off my backside and talk to someone about them.

Looks like the weather's falling apart. This gives it a chance to come right for the weekend. On which I will dance oh yes yes I will.

PS those who would speak with authority on things they know nothing about, and tell those that do know that they are wrong, are talking out of their arses and should STFU and educate themselves. I'm guilty of this occasionally. Are you?

Study update

So there's no cost to transfer from ECON 130 into a 20-point course for this summer, except for the $70 or so difference between a 15-point course and a 20-point one.

Unfortunately Business Writing was full and had a waiting list, which left 2 other options within Humanities - Religious Myth and Ritual, or Te Iwi Maori me ana Tikanga. I chose the latter.

Please internet, tell me now what a terrible person I am!

Also, it's distance learning. I've never done distance learning before but I won't miss the hike up to lectures twice a week, just saying.