October 5th, 2010


In case you were wondering

This Kiwi is quietly thinking that Paul Henry is a cock.

For those going "Who the fuck is Paul Henry?" You folks have it right - I wish we could all be thinking this. He's a morning TV shock jock presenter who yesterday decided to have a go at our Governor-General (Queen's representative in New Zealand), who is a NZ-born kiwi of Fijian-Indian descent, by asking the Prime Minister if he was going to make the next appointed GG "someone who looks like a New Zealander."

The broadcasting organisation he works for then defended him, saying that he says what New Zealanders are quietly thinking but too afraid to say.

I repeat, this New Zealander quietly thinks, and is not afraid to say, Paul Henry is a cock. And TVNZ is a bigger one for defending him. I don't care if he's apologised, I also don't care if it's about the ratings. Some things are just wrong no matter which way you look at them. And if any Kiwis actually have been quietly wondering about our Governor-General (which I doubt), the information is easy to find (first hit on google for 'governor general sir anand'). No excuses, people. You do not need some wanker to ask questions like that for you.

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I finished the knitting part of the blanket! No photos yet because the finishing-finishing isn't done. Yes, I had to use the internet to learn how to cast off. Which is lucky, as I don't have a convenient granny about for learning such things.

Finally, PLEASE VOTE. Apparently less than 20% of Wellingtonians have voted so far, and the election closes at lunchtime this Saturday. If you haven't, please do it today. Why do I care so much? Because Wellington's awesome, and it won't be kept that way by apathy.

Ah, crap

So by the end of this year, I'll have 103 points left to finish my degree. Of this, I have to do three 300-level papers (totalling 60 points since they changed the BA requirements so all papers are worth 20 damnit), and that leaves at least 2 more papers, one of which can be 100-level.

As usual I had no trouble choosing courses for the main trimesters of the year. But the summer one is a dearth of interesting things. I don't want my degree to drag on forever, and the summer trimester is valuable in that it lets me fill in those gaps. This year I'm doing basic Economics.

Next year, I'm doing two 300-level papers, one SPOL, one CRIM. Over summer I'm doing 200-level Writing for Business *vomit* since it's about the only thing left on there that's interesting.

That will leave me with 43 points left to finish my degree. That's two 20-point courses - and three points.


This happened because I took 100-level economics, which is only worth 15 points because it's not in Humanities. I didn't notice this at the time, and now I feel like an idiot because it's going to take another two full years to finish my degree.