October 1st, 2010


Who are you and what did you do with Tats?

Welcome to the 1st of October. Today is the day that GST goes up, yay! I wish I could be altruistic about this, but when I hear that AirNZ have been telling people to secure their international tickets before GST goes up, and international flights aren't actually subject to GST, I go *cynical sideye* about how many businesses will just jump on the bandwagon and hike their prices without actually needing to.

On the other side of that, tax cuts go into effect today. There's been a lot of speculation and I've run my wages through a few calculators with varying results from $2 a week to $20 a week more in my pay packet, but my work just informed me that it's actually ~$40 a week I'll be better off.

Offset to GST increases? Not for me. I took the plunge this morning and joined KiwiSaver.

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Am I middle class yet?

In other news, Wellington's elephant in the room tells us to stop flying. Which is eminently sensible. Instead, I'll drag my kayak out of mothballs and paddle to Hong Kong. That would provide adventure, save money (security, whee!), and help combat climate change at the same time! And it'd be so romantic, right? Right?