September 30th, 2010


Sam Neill was young once, you know

On the weekend, we watched Sleeping Dogs. It's been digitally remastered since it was made in 1977 and the quality was such that apart from the obvious datedness - 20something-year-old Sam Neill in flares! Dougal Stevenson with black hair! - it was hard to notice that this movie was over 30 years old.

It provoked a strange reaction in Polly and I, who were both kids in the 1970s.

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I think Boy has come out on DVD now - I think I'll get it because this is one I've been wanting to see as well.

I have loaned Sleeping Dogs to rivet and rikan_feral and I'm kind of interested to see what it looks like from the perspective of an expat American who's been here long enough to understand NZ culture, but wasn't here in the 70s.

In other news, I'm still trying to figure out what I think of Rolling.