September 29th, 2010


Another day, another rant lalala

So someone left a comment in my post about the letter regarding the American privilege debacle, that went like this:

"What got me is the fact that Americans were lecturing someone from a country they'd dropped bombs on less than 15 years ago on the subject of white privelege trumping American privelege."

Because yes, that was actually happening. I went back there yesterday for the first time since the whole thing happened. It's up to 770 comments, and a lot of them are doing exactly that. And it got me to wondering about the similarities between the viewpoint of the writer of the list and my own, and how those might have developed given the different histories of the two countries and the different ways our relationships with the US have played out.

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On a similar note, it seems my letter of complaint to the mods of that community will be ignored, despite having followed up with a request for a response - which I did after becoming aware of just how many other kiwis were incensed by that post. The letter hasn't been acknowledged after 48 hours. They are probably busy. I'd like to think they're discussing how to address it, but it's seeming more and more likely that it will simply be allowed to drop. This has a certain irony, no?

I have also made the post in which I ran the letter by you all public, in case someone drops by and wants to see the discussion from our perspective. If you commented in there and fear the anons, please feel free to delete - I will understand. Personally I don't give a crap what the anons think, and reiterate the invitation to have it out here by name instead.

And yes, I will let this subject drop eventually - at the moment I'm exploring (a la beagl) exactly why I have had such a visceral reaction to this whole thing. Because navel gazing is fun! And I've learned a lot about a whole lot of other stuff too, thanks to you all commenting.