September 28th, 2010


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You might have heard that It's A Wellington Life is asking for photographs of billboards (for the council elections) on which the candidate has their face and 'Vote For Me!" with no indication of their policies. We have one of those at the bottom of our road - at least, I think we do. It's a woman, about my age, brown hair (sorry, can't remember her name), with the slogan "No 1 for Future Wellington!" I'm trying to decide if this is a statement of policy. I'm also trying to shush the voice in my head going "No 1 for Great Justice!"

Thing is, the face-on-billboard thing does sort-of work to get you known. Well, it worked for one person - John Morrison. The only reason I know his name is because he's The Guy With The Porno Moustache. And because of the porno moustache, I looked closer and caught his name. But also because of the porno moustache, I didn't vote for him. Yep, I'm Judgey McJudgerson.

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Last night I found another ball of wool I'd forgotten I had. Looks like the blue blanket's gonna be bigger than originally anticipated.

Finally, I wanted to say publicly that the haircut I got from Wildilocks is pretty damn awesome in the staying-power department. Cass cut it before Mum died, which means it's been at least 10 weeks. I didn't mention at the time that I was thinking of growing it out, but it is growing out really well. I am impressed and would thoroughly recommend Wildilocks as a hairdresser for wayward hair.