September 24th, 2010


Things wot I have lerned on the intarwebz

New Zealand is not part of the Global South, but it is part of Western Europe.

We do not get to be included in lists of English-speaking countries.

Everyone here is white.

People in America who have friends in Australia can tell New Zealanders how things are in New Zealand.

The internet is not US-centric. The Americans say so and there are a lot of them saying it, so it must be true.

The US view of race relations is the one everybody should be applying, regardless of their own culture.

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In other, less primary-school mud-slinging fodder news, the time has come to get my car fitted with a towbar. Has anyone had good experiences with towbar fitting here, who'd be willing to make a recommendation?

I warped the loom last night, after doing a practice strip. This time I'll get it right and there will be wondrous things! Made from charmingly lumpy wool!