September 23rd, 2010


On real estate games and my failure to understand them

So yesterday we listed the house. I find the games involved with selling a house kind of puerile. You're apparently supposed to list it at a higher price than what you want for it, because you know that people will offer less for it than what you ask. Meanwhile, people know that you've listed it higher than your asking price, so they offer lower than that and with any luck their low offer is close to what you actually want, and everyone agrees.

This is stupid. We want X for the house - why the games about wanting more so that people can feel good about talking us down? NZ isn't a haggling culture, except when it comes to houses, and in my opinion this complicates things unnecessarily. Why not just be honest?

Anyway, it's listed. Hopefully it'll be quick and that'll be done and it'll be over.

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And because I've spent the entire post whinging about this, let's make this more interactive with a question: What would you do if a million dollars dropped on your head? Bonus points for imaginative answers.

In other news, my knitting is getting bigger - it's almost square now - and the loom arrived. I discovered that my spinning isn't good enough to weave with yet (at least, not to make warp threads), but I'm having fun anyway. The first thing I'll make is a bag to put my knitting in!

(yes i am an old lady, what's it to ya?)