September 20th, 2010


Brain no worky

I have the dreaded lurgy. I've had it for seven days now. It's not enough to stop me but it has been enough to slow me down considerably and sap my energy so that I have none spare for anything over and above the necessary. And I'm kind of done with it, can it go away now? I want to go to the gym because I haven't done that for a week either, but the idea of coughing my lungs up on the floor of pump class doesn't appeal to me (and the instructor either no doubt, if I were to ask her). I want this headache to stop too.

OK, whinge over.

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Turns out John Simm was in Human Traffic. And 24 Hour Party People. And a whole bunch of other things. I liked the ending to Life on Mars.

Also, I cleaned the house. There's no crap lying around on the floor any more, it's all been assimilated. This makes me feel good.

Someone is selling belly fluff. The comments are hilarious.