September 16th, 2010


In which I braindump some thoughts about a topic nobody cares about

So I'm down to the last few packages for posting. Included in these are the ones for my aunties - one in Australia and one in England. I've met Margaret a few times, they came over twice when Mum was sick, and for her I've chosen the cathedral window quilt which Mum started when I was about 7 and finished when I was about 27and which won a national award, and a shawl in cable pattern, spun and knitted from wool shorn off Mum's moorit sheep Caramel by me. For Joyce, who I know less well (read: have met once 25 years ago when I was a bratty 15 year old), but who I've always seen as a classic English rose, I've chosen a blue and white hardanger tablecloth (which also won a national award), and a throw rug in textured pattern knit (two colours) with large flowers, also from wool shorn from Mum's sheep by me.

And I'm going to be really glad when I stop having to send parcels on a daily basis.

I was unsurprised to see ontd_f featured in a drama-mocking community yesterday, even though I missed the exchange that led up to it. On discovering what was up, my main feeling was one of schadenfreude. I am clearly an evil person.

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And on another note that might actually be of interest to people, my blanket is at least 5 inches long! It will keep my ankles warm. And mah new wool arrived this morning *squee* - I think the first thing I need to make is a bag to put mah wool in, and also one for things like knitting needles.

Still want a loom.

It seems the monetary part of Mum's estate is about to be wound up. It's not a lot of money but it will pay off my car, double the amount I've been saving for The Kid's future, and leave enough for one trip to Hong Kong. I feel inappropriate about celebrating this but at the same time it's a nice feeling, to actually have money instead of always being "$50 till payday, can we make it?" I has a conflicted.