September 13th, 2010


My weekend of womanly activities, and a question for knitters

On the picture meme: Nah.

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You may have noticed that this report doesn't mention my research poster. I did work on it - in my head. Then I sat down this morning, wrote it out, added a picture of the All Blacks looking suitably stern and threatening, and glued it all up. Sadly work only has that Gum Media stuff for glue, so no macaroni. Now I have to walk up to the Uni to drop it off, feeling a bit silly carrying my poster. Last time I made a poster I was in primary school.

I'm also expecting the usual accusations of being an apologist and having to explain myself. Although, if I've done a good job, maybe people will get it? *hopes*

Finally, the winning bid on the little folding spinning wheel was $600. O.o who knew people were so KEEN! Also, now I can buy new shoes for The Kid. Win.