September 9th, 2010


Thoughts please

The next assignment for SPOL is a research poster. I don't have to do very well at it to pass the course, but I want to do well at it anyway*.

The idea is that the poster is a sort of research proposal. We have to come up with a research question, show how it's relevant to family policy in New Zealand, then outline our method. Basically, we get to pretend we are working full time for an organisation with oodles of money, and we have to convince them to give it to us because our research will be AWESOME.


I want to look at the way men experience violence as part of their day to day lives, and how that affects their perception of violence and their attitude towards it in their interactions.

It's based in some of the research I did for this - particularly the point about men's experience of violence from strangers, but also the expectation of violence as a duty (things like the draft and also the behaviours around 'defending the weak'), and the way in which men who are victims of domestic violence were quoted as saying "It's just something that happens."

I think it's relevant because I believe we bring our men up to expect to give and receive violence as a matter of course, and that that affects the level of family violence in our society - therefore men's experiences of and attitudes to violence are worth researching.

Also, a couple of friends mentioned the way in which men's behaviour is policed using violence or implied violence - a comment in that post up there pointed out the threatening pose of the men in the anti-violence campaign posters, and another friend talked about the way men police each other's behaviour with violence or threats of violence.

Do you think this is worth pursuing? I have till Monday (and I need Monday to let the glue on the macaroni dry).

*Because otherwise I won't be good enough and everyone will hate me