September 8th, 2010


IR brainy and dumb at the same time

Some days I just shouldn't try to communicate.

Yet here I am, trying to communicate!

In other news, The Kid got 4 countem 4 credits in Japanese, based on some very hard work, the willingness to ask questions and having developed some research skills. This called for high fives all round last night. They're doing mock exams at the moment, and this is his first taste of the high-school exam system. He seems to be taking to it pretty well so far.

*proud mum*

And my essay did way better than I expected it to. What does it say about me that I'm now wondering whether the marker is just going easy on me. Seriously, what kind of ego thinks that it can judge its own work objectively and better than someone with experience, a basis for comparison and whose job it is to make these judgements?

I think I need to tell myself to shut the fuck up.

And make a research poster with macaroni art. Yes, I asked. She said she's had glitter before, so it's only a small step to macaroni...