September 6th, 2010


Did I mention how clean my car is?

Yesterday, thanks to the assistance of Polly and Happy, the dump run got done. Now all that's left in the house is a pile of boxed-up things to be donated to the hospice shop, two tables and a spinning wheel. The wheel was originally earmarked for someone who'd said they wanted it, but who has since become ill and is unable to spin. I already have Mum's original wheel, this one was a spare - so I guess it's off to TradeMe with that as well. I will be a hardened TradeMe person by the end of all this.

Anyway, this means that the weekend coming will be spent doing the big house clean huck-out, and spending some time in the garden, then I think we're about ready to list it on the market. This is BIG and EXCITING and SCARY. I've never sold a house before, and feel quite a long way out of my depth with the whole deal. Compared with other houses listed at the moment, our likely asking price is at the lower end of the scale, but I have no idea whether that'll improve its chances or not. It's been empty since April and I'm not keen for it to continue sitting empty, even though it doesn't seem to have suffered any for it.

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Finally, DIAF. I wish this saying would, well.. DIAF. Today I've already seen sentiments wishing that hipsters would die in a fire, someone who made an ill-thought-out pet purchase should die in a fire..

And I go "You know, I don't care if this is just an expression, wishing someone to die in a fire is Just.Not.Cool." Please don't do it, people. Some of us have vivid imaginations and thinking about what that would actually be like? Just no.

And actually finally, Life on Mars is awesome.