August 24th, 2010


For syn_abounds

Here 'tis. I just read through it for the first time since handing it in and I'm going "ARGHARGHARGHSOOOOOCLUNKY!"

It hasn't been marked yet so I've no idea if academia thinks it's any good, and putting this up here is the equivalent of a different kind of person asking someone "Do you think I'm pretty?"

So if you want to critique, please be gentle.

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Personally, I'm not satisfied with it. But I never am with my essays, because I know how much other stuff I could've put in there if I didn't have such a pissy word count.

Blah blah disclaim disclaim.

Tats gets inordinately excited about bloodsports

This weekend is going to be a HOLIDAY! One in which I go with friends to a place where I can't clean, sort, write essays or make things, and we just hang out and have fun. And that place is my old stomping ground over on the east coast of the Wairarapa.

Which also has a multitude of river mouths opening onto surf beaches. And it's whitebait season.

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I was going to talk about the latest round of craziness with IRD today, but fishing is more interesting (to me, anyway). The upshot is that .. ah, never mind. Another day.

* This is kind of like cleaning ALL the things, or you'd think so, judging by the number of people who can't be arsed attempting to speak Maori words properly. Which is a whole nother rant. *cough* Maori is a beautiful language. Most people thoughtlessly bastardise it into something ugly.