August 6th, 2010


A lot of stuff is happening

So. Abba. As a result of this morning's pillow talk I bring you the history of ABBA. They are actually not like Nirvana at all, other than being insanely popular in their time. And there being quite a lot of blonde hair involved. I'm not sure who dressed worse...

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Tonight I'm gonna go hang out at Fidels and be all relaxed and stuff. This week's been very full. Tomorrow begins the going through boxes stage of sorting Mum's house. I'm feeling some trepidation as to what I might find - I'm learning a lot about my parents through this exercise and the tears come easily. Furniture and books weren't so tough, but this is trinkets, albums and papers. *meep*

Also, David Nutt was awesome. His talk was accessible, humourous and eminently sensible. It gave me a lot of confidence in my own place in the drugs policy debate, to realise that I didn't actually learn anything new - I've read all the articles he referenced, including the ones he wrote. I'm familiar with all of his arguments and come question time, the only question I could think of that I didn't already know how he'd reply was "Did you make a submission on New Zealand's MoDA review?" I don't think he did because some of his knowledge of NZ drug law was a little sketchy.

But yes. I have seen the man speak. And now he's not in the ACMD, he can speak his mind. Which is sharp, acerbic and damaging to the reputation of politicians.