August 4th, 2010


Tats Folder Of Interesting Stuff comes into being

If you haven't read Hyperbole And A Half (yes I know there are like 2 of you left in the world who haven't), you should go have a look. It's funny. It's also where this icon comes from, from this post.

And it perfectly describes me, yesterday. SRSLY.

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So this year will henceforth be known as the year I made folders and started cleaning my car, on the milestones list.

Maybe by the time I retire, I'll have my shit together like Mum did.

Meanwhile, a question for the geeks. Seems The Kid is about to learn about good and bad things to click on the internet. He's found some Trojans (and yeah, my first thought was "Condoms WTF?" - mostly because he capitalised it in the email) on his computer, and needs to get rid of them. He couldn't install AVG because it seems XP64 is finicky about that sort of thing (he's had similar issues with drivers for various things too). We plan to get him set up with Win7 pretty soon, but meanwhile we need to get the trojans out.

Does anyone have suggestions for a good free trojan remover? I can google, but I'm ultra-paranoid and if I were making trojans, I'd be disguising them as trojan removers and offering them for free download, you know? So I thought I'd ask the experts. That's you, by the way. ;-)