August 3rd, 2010


Brains, objects, sex and nerds. Together at last.

Amazingly, I made it to nerdnite. It was a welcome sidestep from the gogogoness of my current life to sit down and listen to people talk about stuff they are passionate about.

First, there was danjite, resplendent in a lovely vintage suit with mandarin collar, hair in finger curls, regaling us with the current state of trends in vehicular transport circa 1912. According to the thinking of the day, electric cars will be a wonderful innovation that far surpasses the popularity of the internal combustion engine, as long as the industry can get their patents sorted out and shared in the way the ICE is. One group owning the patent and others having to pay to use it could stifle the electric car industry before it really takes off. Hmm..

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I am glad I went. I am now trying to figure out how to marry up the two things I'm really geeky about into an interesting 20 minute talk.

Meanwhile, there's a large stack of furniture in our carport, you can sort of see the floor, and I need to clean out my wardrobe. The Kid and I built a computer desk for him last night and now all we have to do is get everything into its place and get rid of things there are no places for, and we're done. I have a visitor coming on Thursday evening and I'm hoping to have it done by then.

Also, TradeMe is altogether easier to deal with than Freecycle, but I'm still looking forward to it being over.