August 2nd, 2010


Things, stuff and items. Literally.

So after my rant about Freecycle on Saturday, I am still not feeling any more kindly disposed towards them. I spent yesterday dealing with people making enquiries about the things I had listed. Each one was given the address and told that if they turn up, it's theirs.

Guess how many of them actually showed?

Yeah. So today I'm calling the Sallies. I will arrange for them to collect stuff, and just leave it in the carport for them. I have ceased to care and I just want it gone. I considered the Hospice shop, I would prefer to use the Hospice shop, but I know that the Sallies will collect and I'm at the end of my rope.

[EDIT] I called the Petone Hospice shop on the off-chance and they do collect. So now I'm rapt that I actually got to give something back, as well as them doing me yet another favour.

On the upside, we got all the big stuff from Mum's yesterday, thanks in no small part to the help of the wonderful Dr Wheel.

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Also, does anyone know of a good, reliable and knowledgeable valuer? We seem to have everything from an old Sportronic 6 that still goes, through to some antique starter pistols, jewellery and weird old things from around the world. We are supposed to turn Mum's assets into money, but have no idea what this stuff is worth. Also, some of it should probably be insured if kept. Anyway, grist took a painting to Dunbar Sloane the other day, but they couldn't give any information that we couldn't find ourselves using the internet. I'm kind of hoping for a bit better than that because my Dad was very well travelled and some of this stuff is quite obscure.

So, has anyone else done this kind of thing before,and do you have a recommendation? That would be awesome.

Also, nerdnite tonight. I hope not to fall asleep as I have to go to Tawa after work before going to this. But I will be there to hear you lot speak, mmk?